Game Review: Uncharted — Treasure of All Games


Title: Uncharted
Creators: Naughty Dog
Genres: Action-adventure third person
Reviewed by: jo

Gaming is a form of art. This idea has been throughly discussed with both gamers and not, who jumped back into the definition of art and tried to understand its full meaning. I full-heartedly believe that it depends on the person — like a book or a movie or a song or a quote that really moved you and made you think and feel so much. That made you feel less alone, gave you hope, hurled a boulder of emotions against the numbness of your wall that you built to protect yourself from pain or truth or whatever it may be.

This is what art is for me.

Provoking emotion. Making you lean forward towards the balcony and see the world around you, believing that your emotions are universal.

In this case, Uncharted is a piece of art, and if I dare say, a masterpiece.

Uncharted is a 4-game-series that follows a group of passionate and adventure-seeking folks. Nathan Drake, who yields to his desire of uncovering historical mysteries and finding treasures; his mentor Sully, who may or may not be too goddamn old for this; and a journalist named Elena Fisher, who will do anything for the sake of a good story. In this brilliant story, you should remember that every treasure has its price, and that the thing that makes you feel alive most could get you killed.



1. Nathan Drake is one special bastard. He could go through hell and that wit wouldn’t get a single scratch. He’s a true history nerd and he does what he does because he LOVES it. He gets a lot of things wrong, but he tries to make them right–in the Drake way we love. A good sense of humor is always a bonus.

2. Cursed Treasures. (and places!)

3. Well-written and complex characters.Sully. He’s been a treasure hunter and fortune seeker *way* before Nate. He’s a friend, mentor, father-figure, and partner-in-crime. Fight me if that’s not the coolest relationship ever. But what’s interesting is the amount of times other characters say they don’t *trust* Victor Sullivan.

4. Epic and funny one liners. This was an introduction between my two fave characters and I still laugh at it:
Chloe: “I’m sorry, am I sensing some history here?”
Elena: “Elena Fisher. Last year’s model.”


5. Climbing shit.I’m not kidding. A huge chunk of the game goes with you climbing and sliding and falling off bridges. I’m envious of Nate’s climbing skills. The picture above is one of my favorite missions. I mean, you get to climb that gigantic statue, how cool is that?

6. “Honor among thieves.

7. “Sic Parvis Magna.

8. The villains. Well, I see them more as rivals who want the same treasure. Every “villain” has his own reason for wanting the treasure. Be it a proof of worth, or to claim unimaginable power that could destroy the world, or the same reason you want it: Just because. (which makes it harder for me to hate them) And when they say that they want to kill you, they’re being *very* serious.

I quote one of the villains: “It’s amazing. All these years gone by, here we are — we’re still haggling over dead people’s junk.” *nods*

9. Amazing scenery.

10. Insanely talented writing.

11. The banter and the teasing.

12. The soundtrack. My favorite is the music that starts playing when you’re driving the jeep with Elena. I remember the stress that came from what happened *before* and then suddenly, the colors just burned your eyes, because everything surrounding you is so beautiful and then this piece of music comes and all I can think of is: GIVE US THE FULL VERSION PLEASE. This piece is called “For Better or Worse.”

It’s only one minute and 57 seconds but someone made an extended piano & string version which is INSANE. You need to hear it. It’s on SamYungOfficial‘s channel but if you are lazy like me and love links here you go:

13. The games are so fun you can play them more than once.

14. There’s a DLC coming out soon(wink).

15. The ending. I’ll keep my lips sealed. But this series has the best ending EVER. In a good or bad way? Figure it out yourself. 😉

Bonus! The online multiplayer.

Do yourself a favor and play these games (or any game Naughty Dog makes). And when you do, please don’t skip to the last game, because you’re going to miss out on some really good stuff and there’s a possibility you’ll cry at the end after you’ve been through it all. (I did!)

I’m pretty sure someday I’ll be playing these games again and aim for the platinum, and when that happens, I’ll do my best to review each installment and give it the thanks that I owe. I’m already cooking up ideas for it, but until then, sic parvis magna guys!

Feel free to tell us anything in the comments: your opinion, your first impression of the game, what you wish was better, one more awesome reason to play these games, your favorite character, or maybe your long-burning unpopular opinion.

Thanks for reading, seriously. ❤

All images are properties of Naughty Dog creator of Uncharted California Privacy Rights © 2016 Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC.


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