Friday Freebies: The Selection Bookmarks


Hi everyone!

This is the Owl speaking. My masters would like to send some nice gifts as a reward for your hardwork this week. They told me you’d be needing something that would lighten your weekend and why not pick up Kiera Cass’ books? It’s a bit more fancy, fun, and a cinnamon roll—too good for this world, too pure. Anyway, I hope you love our little presents.

P.S: My masters are asking whether there is any themed bookmarks you’d like to receive. And we’ll do our best to deliver it on the next freebies mail. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Here are some guidelines for you to follow when you print our bookmarks.
1. Download our free bookmarks with the link below.
2. This is a 8.5 inches by 11 inches size of paper (Letter size).
3. Have it printed according to your printer’s setting.
4. Cut them according to their size with is 2 inches by 6 inches. Size may vary depending on the setting of your printers.
5. Please do not remove the watermarks.
6. Enjoy your free bookmarks and don’t forget to tag us on instagram. Follow us at @lebooknooks.

Have a nice weekend.

Download here.

Kiera Cass LBN-01.jpg


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