LeBookNooks was founded on May 2016 by ksdhir and mkgdes (founder of BATL) with the idea based on the joy of reading, education and the power of collaboration.

We exclusively provide free e-books worldwide, covering a variety of novels and syllabus books and share reviews.

We also provide users with a merchandise store to buy products or get free items.

Our tagline, ‘what’s your story?’ clearly indicates towards the power of collaboration. We believe LeBookNooks is a two way thing, not only readers can interact with our writers but readers also get a platform to publish their reviews.

For more details on how you can contribute and get your reviews publish, send us an owl here .

Meet the Core Team:

ksdhir – the annoying brain.
The brain of LeBookNooks. The idea of putting up the website was his and was inspired by his bibliophile friend, mkgdes. The meticulous guy who handpicks your favourite book collections. He thinks Beatles is the greatest band to ever graze the planet. He puts Simon and Garfunkel as his night time lullaby.  He likes to draw only to find out that it’s actually a skill and not his forte. He dreams to own a café someday and travels the world.

mkgdes – the bum designer
Founder of Books and Tea Leaf. A self-proclaimed bibliophile who’s obsessed with books. She has an uncanny ability to drag people into the darkness that is reading. She has a bad habit of reading herself to death and there’s no stopping her from reading a book from cover to cover in one sitting. She tries to design when she’s not reading or work her skills on photography or calligraphy writing. May or may not have the cunning to survive Westeros.

anumit – the lazy writer
The pen and paper of LeBookNooks. You might find him sometimes under the shady trees reading mystery or thriller novels if not, biographies. Friday nights are usually his movie nights or marathoning a series. He writes romantic poems and hopes someday he’ll serenade a girl with it. Most days he enjoys volunteering at NGOs or just being lazy all day for which he has earned a nickname, “Old Uncle Tom“.

jo – the sidekick writer
Co-founder of Books and Tea Leaf. A gaming enthusiast who can talk about video games all day as much as she loves books, and when she meant love, it’s the kind of love that doesn’t comes and goes, an eternal love that makes your wallet groan. She writes dark and strange stories with twisted human characters that mess up a lot and tends to be monstrous at times. She joins mkgdes on the quest to obtain the elixir of life for immortality so they’ll never have to miss a single good book.